In the recently concluded CIGRE-AORC Technical Meeting 2016 and International Conference on Global Trends in the development of Power T&D System including Smart Grid, Supreme & Co. Pvt. Ltd. had the privilege of presenting a paper entitled “Emerging Solutions for Line Compaction.” The paper was authored by Mr. D. Prasad, Mr. R. Kumaran, Mr. G. Agarwal, Mr. P.K. Reddy, and Mr.  Md. I. Khan. The event was organized in New Delhi, from February 24-26, 2016.


Display of prototype models


The paper presented four emerging solutions that will support increased power transmission capacity for a given Right of Way and clearance level. The four recommended technologies were:

  1. Application of HTLS conductor, which will considerably reduce the tower height by 20%.
  2. Use of Insulated Crossarm having a non-cylindrical shape, to make the structure capable of withstanding high compression loads.
  3. Monopole Structures are having considerably small footprint, providing more flexibility and stability against different loads.
  4. Use of Interphase Spacer, to prevent conductor galloping in EHV lines and making it more reliable.


Attached is the full paper. We welcome feedback, suggestions and discussion on this topic.


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