Interphase spacers

This presentation from prepared by the engineering team at Supreme & Co. led by CEO, Mr. Harish Agarwal.
Interphase spacers are an effective way to handle problems arising in Overhead lines (Transmission or distribution) due to effects of wind. Interphase Spacers (IPS) restricts swing and galloping of conductors of adjacent phases thereby allowing a reduction of the required phase-to-phase clearance. This is useful for line compaction and subsequent right-of-way (ROW) reduction. In recent years, use of IPS has increased significantly in order to make Transmission & Distribution lines more compact and safe.
Interphase Spacers
Interphase Spacers can provide solutions to technical problems such as short circuits arising from clashing conductors & loose strands, avoiding flashover between conductors, maintaining the necessary clearances, and line compaction.
The presentation below also discusses in detail the mechanical design of interphase spacers, types of interphase spacers, layout principles and types, electrical and mechanical testing.
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