Trailer Mounted, Mobile,Distribution Substation

Normal OH lines are vulnerable to natural disasters like flood, storms etc. The suspension  Mobile Substation
poles, tension poles, pole with distribution transformers may get severely damaged due to
disasters causing outages of power for a very long time. Normal maintenance takes longer
period to rectify the damaged equipment/ structure to restore power supply.
This trailer mounted mobile sub-station can act as a substitute of any kind of poles i.e.
Tension, suspension & DT pole and acts as “Emergency Restoration System” in
distribution system.

  • The Emergency Restoration System will contain all the equipment the distribution sub-station contains i.e. the bus stringing equipment complete with hardware, surge protection system, switching system, fuse protection system, distribution transformer, LV protection system with fuses etc.
  • The Emergency Restoration System will have the anchoring system suitable of all kind of soils i.e. marshy soil, rocky soil and normal soil & concrete. All the equipment mounted i.e. LAs, Dropout fuses, AB Switch, Insulators,Hardware and Distribution Transformers will be proof tested and will be of fail safe quality.
  • Transformer used will be of ‘AN’ cooled in place of oil cool transformer which will be absolutely hazard
  • In the Trailer mounted s/s the transformer is not mounted on pole, but positioned at the base of the
    trailer to reduce the overall weight on the pole.
  • The poles are divided into three parts and all are fixed on the trailer. However the top two parts will be
    erected on top of the bottom most with the help of GIN pole, the mechanism is showing in the above
  • LA, Transformer body are separately earthed.

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