TEMPORARY BY-PASS FOR                                                                                        ERS

Characteristics of ERS-Tower

  • Foundation plate
  • Articulating gimbal joints
  • Column section
  • Guy and insulator attachment plate
  • Anchoring solution
  • Composite insulated cross arm
  • Composite insulator for Tension
  • Hardware assembly for support and dead end insulator.
  • Shield wire support and dead end assembly hardware.


Foundation Plate

  • Base section of the tower.                                                                                                                           Foundation plate
  • To support the tower by
    distributing its weight evenly to
    the ground.
  • It can be installed at leveled
    ground or up to a 30 degrees
  • Designed for soft soils with
    minimal bearing capacity.
  • Bearing capacity-capacity of soil to support the loads
    applied to the ground.

Articulating gimbal joints


  • Connecting the tower to the foundation plate.
  •  Allows a rotation of tower 360 degrees in all direction
  • Makes it easy to erect the tower.
  • Allows the tower installed on uneven ground

Guy and insulator attachment plate

  • HT Steel (Gr. IS 2062) Guy plate used to connect the guy wire and polymer type insulator to the tower.
  • It takes very less time to install.





Column section

  • Column section are fabricated from lightweight, high strength structural (Gr. IS 2062). Column section
  • All welded construction insures and eliminates the loss of small bolted sections.
  • Modular square design allows easy erection.
  • Column sections have one common length and all the section are interchangeable.
  • Each corner acts as a integrated railing system which allows the gin pole and safety devices to slide from bottom to top without any interruption.
  • Basic column section is 6.4 m with other column heights of 4.27 m and 2.13 m.
  • Section ends have very high area of contact.
  • End machined to tight tolerance to eliminate alignment problem.



Composite Insulated Cross arm

  • Easy to install
    • Brace and horizontal insulators both come in one single unit.
    • For higher voltage we may provide different kind of insulated cross arm (with different sectional length and core rod diameter) hence its very much convenient for higher voltages also.          Composite
  • Easy to handle
    • Insulated cross arms are polymer type insulators,hence less in weight
  • Reduces ROW (Rights of way)
    • Insulated cross arms are not bulky types, it is easy to install and less in size



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