SUPREME FUSE LINK (Expulsion Type)

Fuse cut-outs play very important role in system and equipment protection on overhead distribution systems. The Fuse link
key determinant of a cut-out's ability to function properly is the fuse link it uses. Failure of the fuse link to perform as
planned can result in mis-coordination with other protective devices, nuisance operations and needless outages.
To a utility that's money and not just the cost of the replacement fuse link. The expense of finding and replacing fuse
links that sneak out can cost many times the up-front savings achieved through the use of less-expensive fuse links.
SUPREME's Fuse Links eliminate nuisance fuse operations and, at the same time, provide reliable protection in the
event of a fault within the cut-out's zone of protection. They're manufactured in accordance with a quality system
certified to ISO9001:2000.

Salient Features

  • High Mechanical Strength. SUPREME Fuse Links have permanently accurate time-current characteristics
    as per IEC-60282-2 (Tests on Heat Run & Time Current Characteristics have been successfully carried out
    from Jadavpur University, Kolkata ). They're unaffected by mechanical shock, vibration, or transient current
    surges that heat the element nearly to the severing point—eliminating sneak-outs.
  • Close Melting-Current Tolerance. SUPREME Fuse Links have a melting-current tolerance permitting closer fusing for improved protection, more precise series coordination for enhanced service reliability.
  • Superior Fault-Interrupting Performance. SUPREME Fuse Links provide protection against all types of
    faults, including low-current transformer secondary-side faults.

Constructional Features


Elements consist of special alloy wire to protect from overheating during full load. The fuse elements are crimped
jointed by ferrule/sleeve with stranded tinned copper flexible wire rope tails made of 37 SWG wires. The overall
Dimensions of 11 KV D.O. fuse elements tails are shown in the drawing.


The central portions of the Fuse Elements are having a protecting device made of good quality FIBER GLASS TUBE
which are manufactured from the best quality of Electrical grade insulating materials of high temperature range.


The D.O. fuse elements are crimped jointed by ferrule/sleeve with two stranded tinned copper flexible wire rope tails
made of 37 SWG. Stranded tinned copper flexible wire ropes are manufactured by our own stranding machine from
Electrical Grade 100% tinned copper wires.


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