Supreme is India`s largest manufacturer of Pole Line Hardware and have served the industry since 1972. We supply a parallel range of Pole line Hardware products designed for Power Utility providers. Each product is carefully designed and crafted to provide superior performance, reliability, and longevity in the field.

We have over 500 items within our manufacturing range and we pride ourselves on our Design Engineering and Custom Manufacturing capabilities.

A brief description of some Pole Line Hardware are given below.

INSULATION PIERCING CONNECTORS (IPC)                                                          IPC

  • Insulation piercing connectors provides connection between main and derived cable by perforation of insulation.
  • It is provided with piercing teeth made of tinned copper for high-conductivity connection.
  • Bolt is fully insulated with a Thermoplastic shear head.
  • Piercing teeth and pierced cables are protected from water entry by in built seals around the conductor teeth.
  • If desired, a special grease is filled on end caps for water protection.

COVERED CONDUCTOR                                                                                          Covered Conductor

Covered conductors consist of a conductor surrounded by a covering made of insulating material as protection against accidental contacts with other covered conductors and with grounded parts such as tree branches, etc. In comparison with insulated conductors, this covering has reduced properties, but is sufficient to withstand the phase-to-earth voltage temporarily.


  • Insulators
  • Connectors
  • Live line and Earthing connectors
  • Cross-arms
  • Tension & Suspension fittings
  • Arc protection devices & Current Limiting Devices
  • Surge arresters

INSULATORS                                                                                          Insulators

support the “line” mechanically & maintains an Air Gap


The atmospheric over voltages caused by lightning and, in some cases, network overloads may cause conductor breaks, particularly in the case of covered conductors and these are protected by arc protection devices.

TENSION & SUSPENSION FITTINGS                                                         Tension and Suspension fittings

This section includes tension clamps, helical ties, spiral vibration dampers and suspension clamps.




POWER ARC DEVICE (PAD)                                                                                  Power Arc Device

Protects the insulator in case of a short circuit.






CURRENT LIMITING DEVICES (CLD)                                                                             CLD

Protects the conductor when used along with a Surge arrester.




INTEGRATED INSULATOR – ARC PROTECTION                       Integrated Insulator

Integrated Insulator- Arc Protection Device ( IIAPLA) protects overhead transmission line up to 33 kV against direct lightning and back flashover.








It is used for overhead power line for protection of operating voltage with bare and covered conductors against lightening over voltages and their dangerous consequences.


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