Polymer Insulators

Polymer Insulators

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the manufacturers & Suppliers of Polymer Insulators.

We are doing all the necessary Type tests & Design tests for Polymer Insulators for 11, 22 & 33 KV (Disc & Pin type) at CPRI-Bangalore & ERDA-Vadodhara.

Polymer Insulator is introduced as an excellent & proven technology, which is replacing the existing porcelain Insulators all over the world.

Due to its properties, technology, durability & other value added advantages some Electricity Boards in India also adopted this technology for their states. Power Grid Corporation of India, NTPC and Indian Railways had already started to install / replace the existing porcelain Insulators with Polymer Insulators. Polymer insulators have the following utilities:


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  • Light weight ( up to 70% less than Ceramic insulators). Ease of installation as easier to handle and transport.
  • Outstanding resistance to environmental factors such as U.V. light , ozone, acids, contaminations and moisture.
  • Silicone Rubber shed s provide perfect Hydrophobic performance, hydro-phobicity transfer in to pollution layer also possible, good resistance to ageing and tracking & erosion.
  • Stable behavior at extreme climatic conditions -50 to + 50 deg C.
  • Suitability for polluted and salty atmospheres etc.
  • Resistance to breakage and vandalism , practically unbreakable.
  • Eliminates or reduces maintenance ( such as washing) and are compatible with existing porcelain insulators.
  • Energy Efficiency (Low leakage current due to more surface resistivity).
  • Safety( Light weight for handling and installation, eliminates catastrophic mechanical failures).
  • Consistent mechanical and electrical performance through out entire service life.

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