MonopoleTraditional over head transmission lines have been built on lattice type structures. For years, this has been found structurally stable and time tested solutions and there was hardly any reason for change. However, of late, significant ROW and aesthetic issues have stalled construction of new transmission line corridors and replaced them with transmission monopole.
With rapid urbanization and spread of industrialization over existing agricultural lands, solutions with narrow corridors and smaller footprints is the crying need of the day for completion of critical transmission corridors. Replacement of traditional structures with monopole kind of structures is a significant step in this direction.

Advantages of transmission monopole

◊Less right-of-way

◊Small foundations take less land and hence reduce the foot-print

◊Efficiently erected along highways and railway lines

◊Significant wind-loading capacity

◊Less components, fast installation

Pole testing

Material Testing, Dimension Testing, Crack Detection, Galvanizing Testing

◊Better reliability under extreme conditions

 ◊Flexibility in design

Testing & Validation

•CPRI (Central Power Research Institute)

SERC (Structural Engineering Research Centre)

Richardson and Cruddas










Monopole diagram




Our Design Capabilities

•Professional design team specializing in transmission poles

•Expertise in designing as per all national and international standards.

•Software used for designing : Staad Pro

•Standard for designing : Guide Line ACSC-72






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