• žPumping system receives electricity from the PV Modules
  • žIt uses solar energy to pump the water from deep well, river, lake, ponds,  tube well or bore hole
  • žIt pumps water through a pipe to where its needed
  • žSolar pumping systems are sized according to the requirement during sunny and dry seasons
  • žPV water pumping system does not produce any atmospheric pollutant

Why SOLAR POWERED PUMP is required?

  • Hassle free logistics
  • žRugged construction
  • žEarly pay back period
  • žReliable access to water
  • žSavings due to low maintenance
  • žTank storage options enable access to water 24 hours a day
  • žDC motor connects directly to solar array without any inverter
  • žSensors enable system can handle dry run and overflow  situation
  • žProductivity increases in summer, when water requirement is usually greater
  •  Independent of Grid electricity, makes the system feasible for remote location
  • žEco-friendly system eliminates noise, pollutant emissions and fuel spills issues
  • žDay time operation of the system reduces 50% investment for battery back-up
  • žLow yielding borehole gets time to refill
  • žEliminates expenditure of fossil fuels

How much water does it PUMP?

Daily water output of a solar water pump depends on four factors

  • žHow much solar energy is available?
  •  žWhat is the capacity of the solar PV system?
  •  žWhat is the total vertical distance/head for pumping?
  •  žHow efficient the system is?

System optimization parameters                                                AC Pumping System

  • žPump Characteristic
  •  Solar MPPT Range
  •  žStall Frequency (RPM)
  •  žPipe Diameter & Material
  •  Solar PV Capacity (kW)
  • Because of poor or nonexistent grid connectivity in many rural parts of India, farmers are forced to use expensive and polluting diesel generation to provide irrigation for their farms.Solar Water Pumps is a potential solution to this problem
  • Supreme`s solar water pumping solutions enhances the agricultural productivity and the economic prosperity of farmers in remote rural regions of India. The solution can be easily designed to be used with all types of irrigation methods.



Solar Water Pump


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