The engineering team at Supreme & Co. has created a presentation on Smart Street Lighting. Highlights from the presentation include Public lighting, Street lighting, Luminaires, LED light, LED luminaires, Street lighting poles, PV panel, Solar panel and much more.

Smart Street lighting is a significantly better and more efficient solution than traditional street lighting for many reasons. Some of the reasons for inefficient electric lighting are: selection of inefficient luminaires, stocking problem (due to lack of storage space and poor storage conditions), poor design and installation, poor power quality, poor operation and maintenance practices.

smart street lighting

We have included a schematic where we can see that the solar power goes through the PV panel into the MPPT Charge Controller, which is transmitter, and from there half goes to charge a self-contained battery during daylight; at night, the battery powers the street lights, and the other half of power goes to LED luminaire.  Solar LED luminaire is a great solution on some surfaces where providing electricity is complicated and expensive. Two main advantages of solar LED lighting are that it is easy to install - no need for digging, and it does not depend on power supply. With the solar PV panels there are lot of advantages like it is very easy to expand, it can be moved, sunlight is free, it does not pollute in anyway, and it requires less maintenance. But, there are also a few limitations, like for example, the equipment is much more expensive, and the installation requires some surface area for PV arrays.

Also, some more advantages of solar LED are that it will further decrease the power consumption with the advantage of increased light output efficiency, longer life and environmental friendly illumination, that the control center monitors and controls all streetlights in real time using sensors and remote control. In the presentation you can also see the table of annual consumption of electricity consumed in lighting, as well as the base case scenario in India in 2020, technology comparison, and cost estimation in India.

The presentation below also discusses in detail the advantages and disadvantages of Solar power LED illumination, and the PV Panels.


We welcome all feedback and discussion regarding this presentation.