Integrated Power Development Scheme(IPDS) phase-1 services

The main goal of the project is to show the Transmission Network (along with Latitude-Longitude) all assets and Customers covered by 66 kV/33 kV /11 kV and LT network entities of the UTILITY & preparing Master plan through GIS platform. In the MP based region selection for Integrated Power Development Scheme(IPDS) project where linking of the consumer database with the base map and electrical network entities and electrical network map will represent the relationship of consumer database and electrical network entities spatially in relation to land base features. We do the following work given below.


1. Electrical entity survey: Survey of the electrical entities should be done by the Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS). Main aim of the survey job is collecting and developing the attribute data including latitude and longitude value of each electrical entity and asset coding (66 kV / 33 kV system, 11 kV system, Remote Monitoring Units (RMUs), Distribution Transformers(DTs), cables, conductors and High Tension (HT)/ Low Tension (LT) poles/ feeder pillar boxes).

2. Door-to-door survey: A consumer survey work consists with consumer code. Code will be the identity of the consumer along with the connectivity to the electrical system profile. Consumer code will help out for the indexing of spatial and non spatial data in respect to the consumer database creation.

Audit: Audit requires for individual equipment from incoming terminal to outgoing terminal in a substation including control panel.


1. Rectification of base map and satellite imagery: Collection of the base map and satellite imageries for the area of interest should be rectified through ortho and geometric rectification of the image, proper geo referencing of the image with the specific projection property (WGS84).

2. Digitization of electrical network with electrical entities: Creation of separate object classes for each electrical entities and create a topology network for the electrical network mapping. Digitization of electrical entities and network on the base map with the specified projection system is one of the important part.

3. Physical map creation: A physical map of the project area will consist entire electrical network, entity related information. Information of man holes, trenches, footpaths, important landmarks like public buildings, religious place, petrol pump, railway, roads, streets are also the important physical map elements.

Currents projects:
1. IPDS Project in ASSAM