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Rural Electrification

Rural electrification is the backbone of rural economy and a basic input for rapid rural development. It is also the main infrastructure for ensuring speedy growth of the agriculture sector and agro bases industrial structure in rural areas. Agricultural performance is fundamental to a developing country economic and social development and will critically determine the success of efforts in poverty reduction. Irrigation reduces poverty by increasing employment and income and thus improves the quality of life of rural people.

Nature of programme under RE:

(a) Production oriented activities like minor irrigation, micro, small &medium enterprises etc.
(b) Electrification of villages.

Objectives of RE:

(a) Pump set energization and
(b) Guidelines for village grid connectivity for all villages with a population of at least 5000.

Scope under RE:

(a) Rural Electricity Distribution
(b) Village Electrification Infrastructure
(c) Household connections
(d) Decentralized distribution-cum-generation (DDG): Creation of DDG systems in villages where grid supply is not feasible or not cost effective from conventional or renewable resource.

However, overwhelming response has been received from the government for increase of generation and distribution of power for the development of irrigation and infrastructure in villages, Supreme boasts of having taken part in the Rural Electrification, State Tube Well cluster, restructuring of 33kV/11kV line and substation under APDRP/R-APDRP projects and acquired adequate knowledge during last two decades.


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