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Substation Construction


Substation Construction: Supreme Substations are best suited to regulate electricity flow from the generating facility to consumers within the serving area. They transform high voltage to low voltage and vice-versa multiple times before power finally reaches your factory premise, building or home. As a leader in power transmission and distribution, we offer a wide range of electrical substations from smaller, one-transformer models to complex ones with multiple transformers, switches and circuit breakers.

Rated highly on quality parameters

Our services include advanced engineering techniques. It is critical for us to ensure our products meet international industry standards and that all parts are optimized for maximum efficiency. We are one of the few engineering concerns that has reinforced and religiously adhered to stringent quality parameters in every product or service offered to clients. In recognition of our quality management system, Supreme has been conferred with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications.

What Supreme offers?

Some functions typically performed by our range of substations are receiving electricity from a generating plant, regulating distribution, stabilizing voltage fluctuations, controlling power surges and interchanging power between direct-current and alternating-current. Modern, commercial, institutional and industrial electrical systems require more load-carrying and distribution capabilities and Supreme substations are built to serve these purposes in the most cost-effective way. In addition, our products are most preferred worldwide because of the following:

  • Adept at carrying both specified and short-time currents
  • Capable of withstanding short-circuit as well as atmospheric forces like ice and wind; able to support self weight and other weights of equipments and conductors
  • Load rating of 10 MVA
  • Primary voltage capacity up to 40000 Volts; secondary voltage capacity of 5000 Volts or less
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings
  • More variety – Dry or Liquid-filled Transformers
  • Manage with fewer joints
  • Need lesser number of supporting insulators
  • Prove economical and reduce costs
  • Minimize power losses
  • Improve voltage regulation; reduce chances of faults
  • Reduce installation expenses
  • Efficiency in space utilization

Apart from EPC services, in Rural Management Range is
A) Gantry Structures
B) Equipment Mounting Structure
C) Full Range of Connector
D) Insulator String Hardware
E) Transformer Upto 1 MV


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Supreme is one of the reputed players in the field of Power Transmission & Distribution systems up to 1200kV since the last 4 decades. Supreme also provides EPC & Turnkey solutions for installation of OPGW & ADSS on Electrical T&D lines.