What is SELV DC Microgrid?

◊Small scale generation and distribution of power within geographical limits catering to local community with reliable power  affordably.

◊žA DC network enhanced with advanced capabilities that enable control of DC network resources for higher operational performance and/or the ability to operate independent of the primary AC system at Safe Electrical Voltage.

◊Efficient Management of loads by minimizing the transmission & Conversion Losses.

◊It allows effective integration of distributed energy resources, especially renewable energy.

Why SELV DC Microgrid?                                                                                                                                                       


Major Components

  • Distributed Generation: Photo-voltaic arrays, Fuel cells, Micro-turbines etc.
  • žControlling Devices: Charge Controller, DC/DC converter, Load Controller.
  • žStorage Devices: Batteries and capacitors can be directly connected to the dc bus.
  • Protection: Surge Protection Devices, Fuse, Protective relays, Circuit Breaker, Earthing Arrangement.
  • žDistribution Line Accessories: DC Energy Meter, Coupling Point, SELV Cable, Distribution Panel & Box, Hardware Fittings.

Major Components: Earthing Accessories

  • Required to discharge accumulated static electricity to the ground
  • žInstall one or more copper plated ground rod in moist earth
  • Salts improves surrounding soil conductivity
  • Effective grounding system reduces the risk of lightning damage


Reference Architecture


Rural DC Load Categorization


Standard Recommendations

  • IEC initiates standardization for 48V & 380V local DC distribution.
  • žIEEE802.3af & IEEE802.3at-2009 for 48VDC Power over Ethernet (PoE) application.
  • žEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) recommends use for Safety Extra Low Voltage of 48VDC.
  • BIS 48V ELVDC distribution system guidelines.

Supreme’s  Renewable EXPERIENCES                                                                     Solar                                                             

  • Implemented DC Nano-Grid Distribution network
  • Hybrid Mini grid AC Distribution network
  • Solar pumps and monitoring solutions.
  • žInstallation up to 7.5 HP Submersible & Surface AC Solar Water Pump.
  • žSolar Water 1HP DC Pump-with Storage for Household

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